Top Mount Keyboard – All That You Need To Know

Do you want to learn about top-mount keyboards? A top mount keyboard is a great way to have an efficient workstation.

By using a top mount keyboard, you will be able to increase your productivity and efficiency.

This type of keyboard is perfect for those who want to declutter their desk and have a more organized workspace. Keep reading our blog post for all the details of top mount keyboard & the benefits of using a top mount keyboard!

Keyboard Mounting?

Keyboard mounting defines how the plate or PCB is secured within the keyboard housing. There are different types of keyboard mounts that provide different levels of stability and support.

The most common type of keyboard mount is the plate mount, which uses metal posts or screws to secure the plate to the housing. Keyboard mounts are a vital part of any keyboard and should be chosen based on your needs and preferences.

What is The Top Mount Keyboard?

The top mount is the most popular type of board, which secures the plate to the top housing of the keyboard.

Top mount keyboards are the most common type, and they are typically less expensive than tray mount keyboards.

They are also easier to install, as they rest on the computer case. However, top mount system keyboards can be more prone to dust and dirt buildup; the support offered by these flat cushions may not be as strong for your wrists.

On the other hand, Tray mount keyboards are mounted in a tray that pulls out from underneath the computer case. This design offers more support for your wrists and helps to keep dust and dirt out of the keyboard.

However, tray mount keyboards can be more expensive and more challenging to install. When choosing a keyboard, it is essential to consider your budget and needs.

Top Mounted Keyboard

Woah! What is Burger Mount Keyboard?  

The Burger Mount is an easy way to convert your top and tray mount keyboard into a gasket mount keyboard. This is done by adding small o-rings to the mounting screws, which provide a more flexible feel and can improve sound quality.

In addition, the Burger Mount can help to protect your keyboard from impact damage and dust buildup.

Overall, the Burger Mount is an affordable and easy way to upgrade your keyboard and improve its performance.

Top Mount 65 keyboard

Computer keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional full-size keyboard to the more compact mini keyboard. One type of keyboard between these two extremes is the top mount 65 keyboard.

As its name suggests, a top mount 65 keyboard has 65 keys, making it smaller than a standard keyboard but more significant than a mini keyboard.

It makes a good choice for those who want a more compact keyboard but still need all the functionality of a full-size keyboard.

In addition, top mount 65 keyboards often come with extra features, such as backlighting and media controls. 

Top Mount 65 keyboard

Top Mount vs Tray Mount Keyboard

Let’s discuss what these types are. And then move into their difference!

Top Mount Keyboard

Top mount keyboards are more compact and lightweight, making them ideal for travel or use in small spaces. They also typically have a lower profile, providing a more comfortable typing experience.

However, one downside of top mount keyboards is that they can be more challenging to clean. Because they’re attached directly to the computer, dust and dirt can accumulate around the keys, making it tough to keep them clean.

Tray Mount Keyboard

Several screw-in pins secure the PCB to the bottom housing.

The tray-mounted keyboard is one of the best keyboards, which offers a few advantages over top mount models. They’re easier to clean since you can remove the tray and give it a good cleaning.

There is also sturdier and less likely to slide around during use. On the downside, tray mount keyboards can be bulkier and heavier, making them less portable. They also require an extra step of setting up the tray before use.


The difference between the top mount and tray mount keyboard is that the top mount keyboard is more compact and lightweight, while the tray mount keyboard is easier to clean in a dust-free environment.

The top mount keyboard requires more cleaning effort as it is attached directly to the computer. Which one is best for you? It depends upon your personal choice.

Tray Mount vs Gasket Mount

What Does Gasket Mounted Mean?

A gasket mount is a type of keyboard mounting that uses a foam gasket to provide damping between the PCB and the case bottom. The foam gasket also helps to isolate the PCB from vibrations and mechanical shocks.

The gasket-mounted keyboard is one of the keyboards often used in industrial, military, and commercial applications where the keyboard needs to withstand harsh conditions.

They are also used in noisy environments to help reduce the transmission of keyboard noise. Gasket mounts can be custom-made to fit the specific dimensions of a keyboard, or they can be purchased as aftermarket add-ons.

When shopping for a gasket mount, it is essential to make sure that it is compatible with your keyboard’s PCB., not all gasket mounts are created equal, so it is essential to do your research before making a purchase.

Top vs Gasket Mount

Top mount keyboards have the keycaps mounted on top of the switch housing, while on gasket mount keyboards, the keycaps are mounted on a separate plate that is then mounted to the switch housing.

There are a few pros and drawbacks to each type of keyboard.

Top mount keyboards

Top mount keyboards tend to be more durable since there is no separate plate that can become dislodged or damaged. They are also typically easier to clean since there are no nooks and crannies for dirt and dust to accumulate.

On the downside, top mount keyboards can be more difficult to mod and customize since the keycaps are glued or soldered onto the switch housing.

They also produce a louder sound when typing since the keycaps are directly attached to the switches.

Gasket Mount Keyboards

Gasket mount keyboards, on the other hand, offer a smoother, quieter typing experience since the keycaps are mounted on a separate plate. This makes them easier to mod since you can replace the keycaps without desoldering or removing switches.

However, gasket mount keyboards can be more susceptible to damage since an additional component (the plate) can become dislodged or broken.

They are also typically more expensive than top mount keyboards.

Top Mount vs Gasket Mount

What is Mounting Style?

The mounting style secures the keyboard components within the keyboard housing. The term generally refers to how the plate or PCB is mounted but can also refer to other aspects of keyboard construction, such as the switch mounting.

Mounting style is key in determining a keyboard’s sound, feel, and durability. The Mounting Style you choose will depend on your personal preferences and what you’re looking for in a keyboard.

Different Keyboard Mounting Styles

Different Keyboard Mounting Styles?

There are 7 Different Mounting styles available in the market. These Includes:

  • Top Mount
  • Tray mount.
  • Sandwich Mount.
  • Plateless Mount.
  • Integrated Mount.
  • Bottom Mount.
  • Gasket Mount.

Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Top Mount

Top mount keyboards have the keys elevated above the top of the case, with stems going through holes in the PCB.

Top mount keyboards are the most common type, and they are typically less expensive than tray mount keyboards.

They are also easier to install, as they rest on the computer case.

Top Mount keyboard

Tray mounts

Tray mount keyboards have the keys mounted on a tray on top of the PCB.

Tray mounting is the cheapest and is usually used with budget keyboards for ease of manufacture.

Using recessed keyboards, the PCB can be mounted directly on a mounting post that lies below its keyboard with a screw, which screws can attach. The mounting points on the keyboard feel stiffer if the key is closer to the mounting post.

This causes inconsistent sound effects. In contrast to the earlier method of the lower, upper, and sandwich mount, the tablet computer case is based entirely on a single piece.

Integrated plate

Integrated mount keyboards have the keys integrated into the case with no separate mounting plate. This looks sleek but is not as common as other styles due to manufacturing difficulties. 

The integrated plate style creates the top frame and the plate in an integrated piece, combining effectively with no external fixation.

This mounting style has several disadvantages while remaining inexpensive and easy to construct.

Depending on how the top frame and the keyboard are used in manufacturing processes (as the plate on the keyboard has similar material as the casing), the keyboard feels very stiff, and the sound is quite loud.

You will find that tactile/clicky switches will sound more full and solid with a brass plate.

Plateless (PCB) mounts

Unlike plates, plateless mounting means the switch is directly installed on the PCB and can be mounted on the top frame. Although the lack of plates allows keyboard softness, this also increases the risk of breaking PCBs.

Since a PCB is a flexible material, snapping is easy when the switch is attached directly. As expected, plateless mountings are inexpensive and easily made by a simple structure.

Sandwich mounts

Sandwich mount keyboards have the keys mounted on a plate on top of the PCB with another plate below.

The sandwich mounting style is used to sandwich plates between the top and lower frames and uses screws to hold them together.

Although this style offers sturdiness and consistency, it can cause stiffness when writing.

Bottom Mount

Bottom mount keyboards have the keys mounted on a plate that sits underneath the PCB. This provides increased stability and resistance to flexing but can make the bottom of the keyboard more vulnerable to damage. 

Gasket Mount

Gasket mount keyboards offer a smoother, quieter typing experience since the keycaps are mounted on a separate plate.

Gasket mount keyboards have a silicone gasket around the PCB’s edge, which helps minimize vibration and noise from the keyboard. This is not a typical style but does provide some advantages in terms of acoustics and durability.

Top Mount keyboard


So, there you have it – a comprehensive guide to top mount keyboards and the different mounting styles available. We hope you’ve found this helpful information and that it has helped you decide on the best keyboard mounting style for your needs.

Please comment and let us know which mounting style you chose!


What is Top Mounted Keyboard?

The top-mounted keyboards are attached to the desktop or work surface above the user’s hands rather than below them.

Different mounting styles are popular among ergonomists and computer users who want easy access to the keys and improved comfort and posture.

What is the Burger Mount Keyboard?

The burger mount keyboard, also known as the “B-Style” keyboard, is a mounting style that attaches the keyboard below the desk.

This style is popular among budget-conscious computer users who want an inexpensive and easy-to-install keyboard. The burger mount style is also known for its sturdiness and consistency.

What does gasket mounted mean?

Gasket-mounted keyboards seal the keyboard and the desktop or work surface. This mounting style is popular among computer users who want to prevent dust and other debris from entering the keyboard’s internals.

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